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s-Calendar: Beauty
This version of s-Calendar is intended for beauty domain to give the beauty service providers the tool to manage their availability and accept online appointments from customer.
s-Calendar: Room
This version is designed to manage availability and allow online reservation of rooms and similar resources such as Training Venues, Conference rooms, etc.
s-Calendar: Resource Planning
This is a customized version of s-Calendar developed for one of the largest utility companies in Switzerland. This solution is used internally by the company to manage their resources and its availabilities and to allow online reservation of these resources by their employee.
s-Calendar: Human Resource Planning
This version is developed for the same company above-mentioned and being used internally to manage the availabilities of their employmee and their deployment to projects (missions).
s-Calendar: DEMOMakina
This is a demo version to show how easy it is to customize the s-Calendar solution for any type of domain. This version is designed for the management of a company's resources, their availability and online reservation.
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