In cooperation with its affiliated offshore partner, "activeware" offers different types of services:

Services related to the solutions of the owner (s-Calendar, Bookitoo)

Collective service (eg., etc)

  • Collective services are based on "activeware" solutions that are made available by the publisher himself or by a partner. A service covers a "business" domain (beauty, checkup, etc) or a territory, specialy etc.
  • The service allows any provider to register in a directory and offer his services / logistics to his clients.

Services started by "activeware" will eventually be transferred to other partners-entrepreneurs who wish to develop it. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

Custom-Service (eg., etc)

  • Specific service, based on "activeware" solution, adapted and customized to your name or brand and dedicated to your activity as well as your customers.
  • Service to extend your market, improve efficiency and to be innovative in time.

On-demand Solution (eg. modification of existing modules or similar application)

  • Analysis and programming requiring our expertise (e-Logistics, s-Calendar, Mobile tech. etc) and using our capability to work in offshore mode.

Complementary services

  • Analysis / Development / Support (DB, Java, J2EE, Ajax, .Net, PHP, ExtJS, Mobile Technology, Sencha, Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce, Magento etc)
  • Integration of ERP, CRM and CMS etc.
  • Graphic Design
  • Rewriting of programs
  • Team-building; creation and management of "offshore" team
  • Cloud-Services, Maintenance

Our structure is lightweight, flexible and expandable, based on a simple concept

  • association between local and offshore partner enjoying a unique business culture
  • tested expertise proven by by the realization of the core and solutions that can be offered as services (more than 5 years of development)
  • will be involved in innovative domains: cloud, interactivity, mobility, image etc.
  • a constant effort to optimize the cost of production, update of service and maintenance
  • address the needs for professional solutions and guarantee the quality of products and services

Allow us to put at your disposal in the form of services, solutions and partnerships, all the fruits of our experience!