activeware has established, since its creation, a concept of multifaceted "win-win" partnership that can take any of the following form:

partner client, service provider becomes a member of an existing shared service created by activeware for a specific locality, region or business (eg. and offer the online service to their customer or manage the service by themselves.

a partner client personalizes a logistic "s-Calendar" / "bookitoo" for his own activity domain, brand and territory. The logistic is adapted and hosted by activeware. The fee will depend on the size of the organization who wishes to use the service.
This type of partnership can be extended to an existing service or started locally if taken over by an interested third-party partner.

The client or partner has a particular need; similar application, new development etc, that requires our expertise and capacity to work in "offshore" mode, without risk and at reduced cost. We evaluate the project and together we fix the conditions.


The client or partner have an idea, see an opportunity and envision a collaboration. We are very interested to discuss the goal and build the project together.

The flexibility given by the different variants allows everyone to find the ideal type of partnership for them, depending on the level of involvement or independence desired. These new forms of partnership are directly caused by the increasing use of "cloud" mode and the desire to promote web enterprise! They allow anyone to work professionally in his own field and make money!

Partners - References

orowave (Philippines)

Specialist in offshore development and IT services

"activeware" affiliated Partner - "Active Solutions" Development

Inter-ibex (Switzerland)

Specialist for IBM, Microsoft collaborative platforms and IT services
Partner - Offshore Development

ADOC Software (Thailand)

Specialist in offshore development and IT services
Partner - Active Solutions

Activeweb (France)

Specialist in hosting and consulting
Partner - Services


activeware has planned, since its creation, to open part of its share capital to

  • any partner or investor interested in our domain and our activities
  • any strategic partner who can give a interesting offer etc
  • any partner who wish to develop a market and create a synergie etc

If you are interested on a partnership, do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss it together!