is a young company that is active in the new technologies: Cloud, Mobile, e-Logistics, shared calendars, availability management and reservations etc. For more than five years, it produces its own applications through close collaboration with its affiliated and privileged partner, "orowave inc." and Offshore software development company in the Philippines. Because of this exclusive cooperation, activeware also offers a wide range of services related to the implementation of programs and their maintenance.

What activeware offers are mainly based on the following principle: solutions, solution's core or specific services made through full collaboration with its offshore partner to assure quality services and solutions as soon as possible at the best price!


  • Directory of professionals with online appointment management (eg. Beautyontime based on s-Calendar)
  • Directory of resources and online reservation "bookitoo"

core and solutions

  • s-Calendar; shared online calendar solution for professionals (PHP, Zend...)
  • bookitoo; resources, availabilities and online reservation (Java, J2EE)
  • Models and modules based on Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce, Magento...


  • Java, J2EE, PHP, .Net, Joomla, Ajax, EXTJS, Mobile Sencha, Drupal, Zend, osCommerce, Magento, mySQL, Websphere. Oracle etc


  • for client-side analysis and cooperation on the development with its offshore partner in the areas of management, logistics, web and mobile
  • to develop or re-write programs on different platforms in offshore mode
  • to make professional graphics design
  • to integrate solutions to all other environment (ERP, CRM, CMS etc) or to develop the necessary interfaces
  • to build and manage teams or use offshore resources
  • offers "Cloud-Services", support and maintenance
  • to share its know-how, its expertise to provide a unique advantage to its customers to help them win in their markets!

activeware- a small equipped, flexible, competent company who practices COLLABORATION and who understands the advantage of the CLOUD!